Cellulite is a completely natural formation of the skin that affects most women. It has been a hot topic for decades now, and as women have scrambled to find ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite, a lot of myths have sprouted. One such myth is that only women get cellulite – false; men are susceptible, too.

Here are three other myths about cellulite, as well as three ways to reduce its appearance:

Myth One: Skinny People Don’t Have Cellulite

No matter what a person’s weight, they can have cellulite – it has very little to do with how much they weigh.

Visible cellulite develops when the interconnected tissue layered underneath the skin isn’t equally distributed throughout the body. So, this can happen in any type of body.

Myth Two: Caffeine Causes Cellulite

Ever heard that drinking a lot of coffee can cause cellulite? Well, if you’re a coffee lover and were concerned, there is no reason to be worried. Caffeine has nothing to do with cellulite.

Myth Three: Liposuction Can Get Rid of Cellulite

While liposuction removes fat from under the skin, the procedure will not aid with improving the appearance of cellulite – in fact, according to Mayo Clinic, liposuction may make cellulite appear more prominent.

You can reduce the appearance of cellulite; here are three ways:

One: Weight Training Exercises

Lack of exercise can lead to an increase in the appearance of cellulite, so one of the best ways to combat this is by working out, specifically doing strength and resistance training. These types of exercises build muscle tone effectively, resulting in stronger connective tissues and less space for fat to push up to form visible cellulite.

Two: Revamp Your Eating Plan

Look to incorporate certain foods into your diet such as asparagus, berries, and leafy greens. Asparagus is a great veggie to throw in a few recipes, as it has circulation-boosting properties and it is high in folic acid. This vitamin can help reduce stress levels (prolonged stress can lead to your body storing more fat). Berries are full of antioxidants which can help break down toxins. Add spinach or kale into your meals, as the antioxidant it contains, lutein, may help the skin retain moisture and elasticity.

Invest in High Quality Treatments

Many dermatologists and beauty therapists offer treatments that aim to break down cellulite with the use of lasers, infrared lights, and radio frequencies, to name a few examples. Speak to your dermatologist to find out what treatment would work best for your skin type.

Luckily, however, there are highly effective treatments to use in the comfort of your home. One such treatment is ozone therapy. Ozone-enriched skincare products incorporate the healing and purifying benefits of ozone into premium cosmetics that can help maintain the health of your skin.

OleoRevive® is a cream enriched with peroxides and ozonides and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The components are stabilized and combined with selected natural extracts to reach a natural revitalizing formula favoring flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Forget the myths and focus on the facts when it comes to reducing the appearance of cellulite!