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This is probably the most scientifically proven effect of low-dose ozone. Ozone increases the production of the antioxidant enzymes at mitochondrial level reducing the damage of free radicals, universally defined as aging promoters. The latest scientific data on the Nrf2 pathway definitively proved this activity.

Because of its stability, its higher level of peroxides and more than 20 years of studies after comparing several vegetable oils.

By a chemical reaction between the carbons double bound.

The key ingredient in the ozonated cosmetics is the Ozonated oil which is applied in the cosmetics at different levels of peroxide (level of oxygen in the oil), ranging from 200-800 milliequivalent (mEq). This key ingredient is called OzonVital®. It has recently been observed that the ozonated oil, which during ozonation traps O3 in the form of a stable ozonide, when applied to all sorts of acute and chronic cutaneous infections, slowly releases O3 which, in comparison with conventional creams, displays effective disinfectant and stimulatory activities that lead to rapid healing.

Ozone promotes the oxygen delivery to tissues and this process maintains all the tissues, including your skin – the largest organ of your body.

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